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Earbuds Cleaning Brush Kit

Earbuds Cleaning Brush Kit

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Introducing our Earbuds Cleaning Brush Kit, the ultimate solution to ensure your audio experience remains crystal clear. Designed with precision and innovation, this compact kit is a must-have companion for every music enthusiast and tech aficionado.

The soft yet durable bristles effortlessly remove dirt, dust, and earwax, preserving the integrity of your earbuds. With meticulous attention to detail, our brushes reach the tiniest crevices, leaving no room for unwanted distortions in your audio quality. Compact and portable, this kit is your on-the-go partner, fitting seamlessly into your pocket or bag. The sleek design and high-quality materials not only ensure effective cleaning but also add a touch of sophistication to your tech essentials.


1. Pen design, compact and portable;

2. Three-layer design:

The first layer is stainless steel nib + brush, the second layer is a flocking sponge, and The third layer is a long fine brush;

3. Suitable for cleaning earphones, AirPods, mobile phones, keyboards, mice, e-cigarettes, etc.


Material: flocking sponge + metal nib

Color classification: blue, gold, blacK

Size: 14 x 1.3 cm

Package Content:

Plastic cleaning pen *1

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