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Car Beauty Maintenance Polishing Machine

Car Beauty Maintenance Polishing Machine

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Bringing forward the Car Beauty Maintenance Polishing Machine – a powerful and efficient tool designed to enhance the appearance of your vehicle's exterior by providing professional polishing and detailing. Crafted with precision and performance in mind, this polishing machine offers a convenient solution for car care enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Car Beauty Maintenance Polishing Machine typically features a compact and ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and maneuver during the polishing process. The machine is equipped with a motor that generates controlled rotations and oscillations to effectively polish and buff the car's paint surface. Crafted with variable speed settings, users can adjust the machine's speed based on the specific polishing task and the type of surface being treated. This customization allows for efficient polishing and detailing on different parts of the vehicle.


Material: ABS
Use: polishing and waxing
Power: 100 (W)
Model: waxing machine
Length of charging line: TYPC-E interface, about 1m
Throwing disc: about 12cm
Charging time: about 4-5 hours
Battery capacity: 2 * 2000mAH=4000mAH
Working voltage: 7.4V
Rated power: 100W
Motor speed: 1800RPM
Gear: two gears


1. It is easy to use and will not be tired even if it is used for a long time;

2. With high-performance motor, it can easily finish waxing and polishing with no effort;
3. This product is easy to operate and light, so women can also use it easily;

Packing list:

1ᅲwhite polishing cloth pad
1ᅲorange waxing cloth pad
1ᅲblack dusting brush disc
1ᅲ80 mesh sandpaper
1ᅲ320 mesh sandpaper
1ᅲCharging cable

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