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Portable LED Smart Car Air Compressor Pump

Portable LED Smart Car Air Compressor Pump

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Launching our Portable LED Smart Car Air Compressor Pump – a compact and intelligent solution to keep your tires properly inflated while providing convenience and safety during your travels. This portable air compressor pump is designed for on-the-go use, ensuring you're always prepared for unexpected tire issues.

Experience the smart functionality of our Portable LED Smart Car Air Compressor Pump. Equipped with an easy-to-read LCD screen, this intelligent pump allows you to set and monitor the desired tire pressure. The built-in auto shut-off feature ensures that your tires reach the preset pressure, preventing over-inflation and promoting optimal tire health. It is equipped with a bright LED light, providing visibility during nighttime emergencies or low-light situations.

Automatic stop and prevent overfilling.
Quick and easy to use.
Powerful air compressor.
Fits any air valve.
Compact, lightweight design.
Use on tires, toys, sports equipment, bike tires, air mattresses, and more.
It's a great little air pump and excellent for keeping the proper air pressure in your automobile tires.


Rated Power: 120W
Input: DC 12V
4 units switching: KPS/BAR/PSI/KGF
Size: 24*18*5.2cm

Package Content:

1 x Air Compressor
1 x Air hose
3 x Connectors for different applications
1 x User Manual

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