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LED Flashlight Lighting Rain Sunshine Folding Umbrella

LED Flashlight Lighting Rain Sunshine Folding Umbrella

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Introducing our LED Flashlight Lighting Rain Sunshine Folding Umbrella – a revolutionary blend of innovation and practicality designed to illuminate your path in any weather. This cutting-edge umbrella is not just a shield against rain and sunshine; it's a source of light to guide your way through the darkest nights and stormy days.

Whether you're navigating a dimly lit street or searching for your keys in the dark, this feature provides a reliable source of light at your fingertips. Embrace the convenience of a flashlight seamlessly incorporated into the design of your umbrella. The folding design ensures compact portability, making it a versatile accessory for unpredictable weather. Don't let rain showers or bright sunlight catch you off guard – be prepared with the LED Flashlight Lighting Rain Sunshine Folding Umbrella.


1.LED flashlight function can illuminate the night road
2. Angel ring design, strong reflection, safe travel on rainy nights
3. Creativity design and avoid wetting the car

Cloth material: impact cloth
Cloth glue: none

Cloth density: 210T
Umbrella bone material: alloy
Medium rod material: steel

Opening height: 63cm

Umbrella diameter: 105cm
Umbrella width: 6cm

Umbrella height: 30cm

Color: Gray blue black red

Package Content:

1 x umbrella

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